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Tragic! Actor, Godfrey Gao Slumps On Reality Television Show And Dies Shortly After

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Godfrey Gao, a Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model, was born on September 22, 1984, and was the first Asian model who featured for Louis Vuitton. At a young age, Gao left Taiwan for Vancouver, Columbia, Canada to study at Capilano University. In 2004, he went back to Taiwan to pursue a career in modeling and was managed by JetStar Entertainment. Aside from modeling, Gao also took up acting jobs. One of his prominent roles was in a film adaptation titled "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones."


He also got a lead role in a television drama called "Remembering Lichuan." His last movie gig happened in 2017 when he starred in "Love is a Broadway Hit" with Wang Likun and Naren Weiss.

The actor and model have been an inspiration across the borders of Taiwan and Canada and many are sad that he is no more. Earlier today, Gao was on set for a sports reality television series titled "Chase Me," and while running, he collapsed. Crew members rushed him to the hospital immediately, but after many attempts at reviving him, the actor was pronounced dead at about 5 a.m.

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This tragic news was shared by his agency, JetStar, on their social media site. After this announcement was made, a blogger shared screenshots of a conversation online which showed that Gao was not feeling good, so he decided to take part in the running scene only. The team at JetStar announced that the actor had died from a sudden heart attack and his body will be transported to his birthplace, Taipei, Taiwan today. Gao has no doubt left a hole in many people's hearts today and he will be missed.

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The actor is not only known in Taiwan, he has a huge fan base in Canada. Some of his fans took to Twitter recently to share their love for him and tell him how much they will miss him. In some ways, Gao has touched many people's lies with his talents, and it is sad to see him leave so soon. Reports have disclosed that his alleged girlfriend, Su Xiang Han, also called Bella, will be flying to Zhejiang to claim his body and bring it back to Taipei.

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According to China Press, when Gao's close friends heard about what happened to him, they burst into uncontrollable tears as they could not fathom how he could have died. Another source, Qui, also disclosed that prior to the movie shoot, Gao had gone for a thorough medical check-up and his doctor said he was well.

Throughout the agency, Gao is described as an easy-going and entertaining person whom everyone loved and enjoyed being with. No doubt, his death has broken a lot of hearts, but we are sure he is in a better place.

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