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Camila Morrone Comes to Boyfriend's Rescue on 23-Year Age Difference

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By Favour

Over the years, we have witnessed love relationships between superstar blossom into something beautiful. While some are going decades strong in their marriages, others are finding new love in and out of the industry. One of the most notable relationships in the industry today is between "Ice On Fire" star actor, Leonardo DiCaprio and famous model and actress, Camila Morrone. The duo started dating in December 2017, and it was not long before their relationship became a controversy due to age difference.

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DiCaprio is known as the sweetheart of Hollywood and he has had several relationships, most of which ended badly. However, his relationship with Morrone seems to be fascinating and healthy, but fans are not happy that they are 25 years apart. While the actor is aged forty-five, his girlfriend is twenty-three years old. For several months now, the couple has been subjected to comments from fans who found it strange that DiCaprio was involved with such a young woman. Although the actor has tried to keep a low profile concerning his private life, this did not keep people at bay.

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After facing backlashes for months, Morrone decided that she had had enough of the hate comments and took to her Instagram Live to address the issue. The actress gave an example of a couple that is over ten years into their marriage with twenty-five years of age between them. It was clear that Morrone had had enough of the bad comments concerning her relationship with DiCaprio and she called out critics in several ways saying she had the right over her relationship choices.


Days after airing her heart on her Instagram Live, Morrone mentioned to Vulture in an interview that she did not go through the photos of Bogart and Bacall before posting them. She also revealed that the hate comments forced her to take such a bold step, as she did not thinks things through. She had woken up to criticisms from fans and decided that she had enough. Some stars are subjected to public ridicule for the choices that they make, but these choices are also their rights.

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For almost two years now, DiCaprio and Morrone have had a smooth and amazing relationship and all they want from fans is support. Surely, that cannot be too much to ask.

Having someone defend your honor is one of the most beautiful things that exist in this world and Morrone exhibited these fantastic traits when she stood up to haters. Her words may not have been listened to, but the fact that she stood up for the man she loves, is respectable and noble. We wish the couple a happy life ahead.

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