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YouTube Star PewDiePie Under Fire for Racist Slur While Gaming

YouTube mega-streamer PewDiePie is mired in controversy after spewing hate speech during a live video game stream.

PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, was live streaming over the weekend while playing “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS” when he lashed out at a fellow player:


“What a f**king n***r.  Jeez, oh my God! What the f**k? Sorry, but what the f**k? What a f**king a**hole. I don’t mean that in a bad way.”


It was reported Kjellberg later apologized for the slur, but it has already cost him fans in the gaming community.  One of the developers of popular game, Firewatch, say they are going to file documents to force the streamer to remove all content with their game on it.

This isn’t the first time the Swedish gamer, with 57 million YouTube subscribers, is on the wrong side of political correctness.  Earlier this year he took part in a stunt where he paid people to hold up signs saying, “Death to all Jews.”

That incident cost him deals with YouTube Red and Disney Maker Studios.