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YouTuber Laura Lee Posts Apology Video as Subscriber Count Plummets

By TheBlast Staff

YouTuber Laura Lee uploaded a tearful video amid backlash over a racist tweet – however, her apology seems to be falling on deaf ears because her channel's subscriber count continues to plummet daily.

"I want to talk to you guys ... this video has been so hard ... hardest thing I've ever done ... so sorry," Lee started Sunday's video, sobbing through words as she began her apology to fans for disappointing them.

"Six years ago, I decided to retweet things that were so vile and hurtful. I was stupid and ignorant ... I'm not here to give excuses, I'm only here to say sorry and I hope one day you guys accept me for the woman that I am ... I can prove to you guys that I'm not that girl," Lee said.

In case you missed it, the "vile and hurtful" retweet Lee referred to was a 2012 tweet where she said: "Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome."

In her apology video, Laura Lee also implored fans to focus their anger on her, not her family. The YouTuber claimed her mother has been on the receiving end of death threats and harassing phone calls.

Lee also tried to explain a perceived dig she and other YouTubers made at Jeffree Star, which ignited his fanbase against her. She explained a photo of her giving the finger was misinterpreted and was intended to "mimic Kylie Jenner's birthday picture."

This is Lee's second attempt to apologize. After temporarily deactivating her account, Laura tweeted a lengthy apology last week. However, it seems many of Lee's former fans aren't accepting her apology.

Since the tweet resurfaced last Monday, Laura Lee's YouTube channel has seemingly lost about 241,790 subscribers, according to Social Blade.

Laura Lee youtube stats

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