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YouTuber Laura Lee Apologizes for Racist Tweet: 'That Isn't Who I am Today'

By TheBlast Staff

Beauty vlogger Laura Lee is apologizing for a racist tweet that resurfaced this week.

Lee, whose YouTube tutorials have amassed over 500 million views, took to Twitter to address an offensive tweet she fired off back in 2012, where she said: "Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster.. #yourwelcome."

After a temporary Twitter deletion, Laura reactivated her account and apologized.

"I want to deeply apologize for the comments of mine that recently surfaced from six years ago," Lee began her lengthy post. She said she deactivated the account "because I was mad at myself for the ignorant tweets that I made ... That girl who tweeted that isn't who I am today. I now understand the seriousness behind those tweets."

Laura Lee Racist Tweet Apology

"As a small town girl from Alabama I wish I had the cultural education six years ago that I have now," she wrote.

The tweet was dug up by Jeffree Star stans after Lee, Zamora and other YouTubers posted a photo flipping the bird with a caption that seemingly took a jab at Jeffree.

Laura Lee promised to hold herself accountable for her actions, adding that she will be "getting involved with foundations that focus on educating the importance of equality and social justice."

The Blast reached out to Lee for more on which organizations she's getting involved with — so far, no word back.

Lee has received a bunch of social media support amid the backlash. However, there's also a flurry of former fans who have canceled Laura, taking to Twitter to post videos tossing her makeup brand in the trash.

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