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Las Vegas Casino Blames YG for Alleged Beatdown and Robbery

By TheBlast Staff

YG is being hung out to dry by a Las Vegas casino in a lawsuit over an alleged assault and robbery with the hotel pinning all the blame square on the rapper.

Back in June, Benjamin Naderi sued YG (real name: Keenon Jackson) and The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas over an incident that went down in May 2018.

Naderi claimed he saw the "Big Bank" rapper at the Cosmopolitan and when he went up to ask for a photo, YG refused and started to get upset with him. When he went to walk away, Naderi claims he heard the rapper tell his entourage to "get him."

He claims YG's crew then surrounded him and held him down and repeatedly punched him. Naderi then claimed YG walked up and yanked off his gold chain and diamond pendant.

He accused the men of then fleeing the scene before anyone responded.

Naderi sued YG for assault, battery and theft and the Cosmo for not providing adequate security at the hotel. The lawsuit is seeking in excess of $250,000 in damages.

In July, the rapper was arrested and booked after turning himself into Vegas cops and he was officially charged with felony robbery. The rapper posted $20,000 bail and the criminal case is ongoing.

On August 24, the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas filed court docs demanding to be dismissed from the lawsuit.

The casino denies each and every allegation that they did anything wrong. They accuse Naderi of being negligent and careless on the night in question, which contributed to his alleged injuries.

They claim the alleged injuries were also caused by third parties, such as YG, who they had no control over.

Further, they argue they acted with due care and deny not having adequate security at the hotel. They are demanding all claims against them be dismissed.

The case is ongoing.

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