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XXXTentacion Murder: How Cops Got One Suspect to Snitch on the Others and Solve the Case

By TheBlast Staff

XXXTentacion's alleged murderers will soon be brought to justice after investigators in the case were able to get one of the suspects to roll on the other guys, and the information gathered allowed officials to not only solve the case, but indict 4 men for the killing of the rapper.

Here's the specific details of how investigators were able to flip their key suspect and unlock the mystery of XXXTentacion's murder...

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, when XXX was leaving RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, FL on June 18, 2018, a dark-colored SUV cut him off and blocked his exit. Two subjects exited the SUV armed with guns and demanded property. They shot XXX and then one of the gunmen entered his car and took the rapper’s small Louis Vuitton bag which had his cell phone, a BMW key fob and $50,000 in cash. A third man was driving the SUV the suspects fled in.

Police would later determine XXX had come from the bank just before going to RIVA Motorsports and withdrew $50,000 in 100-dollar bills.

Based on video surveillance and social media posts, cops were able to track down the first man arrested for XXX’s murder, Dedrick Williams, and interviewed him.

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Broward Sheriff

Williams first denied being at RIVA Motorsports on the day of the killing, though he did admit that he was a regular customer at the store. Williams would later change his story to say that he was at the store on the day in question and had arrived with his younger daughter and a friend of his, nicknamed FAT BOY.

Once they told Williams they had video footage from RIVA, he again changed his story and admitted he was not telling the detective the truth. He said he was watching his kids when a bunch of his friends came over, and then he asked a neighbor to watch his kids as he left for RIVA.

Williams claimed that he was with the other subjects, who tried to rob the victim, but he had no knowledge in advance that the incident was going to occur.

In fact, he claimed the murder had bothered him so much that when he went home he could not sleep.

When the detective pressed him for more details, Williams said he wanted a lawyer with him and worried he would be labeled a snitch when he went to prison.

Police seized several items from his car, including a loaded .38 caliber revolver which was readily accessible to Williams as he sat in the vehicle. Inside his home, they found a live .22 caliber round that matched the brand of the spent casings recovered at the crime scene.

Cops also found several items of clothing with tags still on them, along with a receipt for $800, detailing clothing purchased the day after the homicide. Cops spoke to an employee who remembered Williams paying in only $100 dollar bills and video showed him wearing the same bright orange sandals he was wearing at RIVA Motorsports the day before.

Dedrick WIlliams

They then spoke to Williams’ girlfriend, Tenell Williams, who did not want to give an on-record statement, but told them Williams revealed to her he was with the other two subjects who shot and killed XXX.

She told police Williams identified the other men as "Boatwright" and ‘Tray.”

The investigation uncovered that three hours after the murder went down, a 2017 Blue Dodge Journey was involved in a hit and run. After the accident, several black men fled from the car. The driver was later identified as Trayvon Newsome and the car appeared to be identical to the one the suspects fled in at RIVA.

Once they found the owner of the car, Tanisha Clark, she told cops she rented her car to another woman for the day.

The woman who rented the car was Tony Robinson, who calls herself Dedrick Williams' sister, despite not being related. When Robinson rented the car, she was with “Boatwright” and another man named “Big Rob,” aka Robert Allen.

Cops got a search warrant to take DNA swabs from the rented Dodge Journey, where they were able to match Boatwright’s fingerprints.

They would later find Google searches on Williams’ phone for “Machine Guns, MAC11, TEC 9 and AR15” and found a live round at his home that was confirmed to having been cycled at one point through the actual murder weapon.

Boatwright was soon interviewed and he denied ever being at RIVA Motor Sports or inside a blue Dodge Journey. Once they searched his home, cops found clothes similar to the ones in surveillance video from RIVA and black long pants in the trash, along with a receipt for over $400 of clothing and shoes purchased on July 1.

On Boatwright’s phone, police matched a previous location to the area of Dedrick Williams' home and near RIVA Motor Sports on June 18. He also searched on his phone, “Accessory to Murder.”

Police believed Boatwright was the taller gunman who exited the passenger side of the suspect vehicle and attempted to rob the victim at gunpoint.

Boatwright was arrested in early July.

On Thursday, cops revealed the Grand Jury had indicted all 4 men for XXX's murder, and are still looking for Trayvon Newsome and Robert Allen.

instagram / emrata
Broward Sheriff

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