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Woah Vicky On Police Radar Over Violent Threats To Snoop Dogg

By TheBlast Staff

Woah Vicky desperately tried to earn herself some street cred by threatening Snoop Dogg while brandishing a firearm, but it may only get her ass in jail because cops are now looking into the threats.

The Blast has learned the Marietta Police Department in Georgia is aware of the now-deleted video Woah Vicky posted on her social media earlier this week.

The video shows the 18-year-old waving around a firearm that appears to be a submachine gun alongside two male friends shouting various obscenities and threats directed towards Snoop Dogg and DJ Drama. It's unclear what their beef is with Snoop, but he's probably not the person you want to pick a fight with.

A spokesperson for MPD says detectives are aware of the video and are currently reviewing it. We're told it's unclear if Vicky actually committed a crime, but detectives are currently looking at the situation to determine if a full investigation is warranted.

In the video, Vicky and her friends shout incoherently: "F**k you, Snoop Dogg, p***y b***h ... you probably got AIDS with your old ass ... you look like a Chihuahua with your old ass!"

Vicky's friend then threatens to "piss on [Snoop's] face" while holding a baby bottle in front of his crotch. Someone mumbles "cap yo ass" and Vicky's friend threateningly says, "DJ Drama I'm in your city b***h, come find me."

This would be Waldrip's second brush with the law – she was arrested in February after allegedly assaulting a police officer in the middle of a mall fight.

Vicky may have realized her misstep, because she's already apologized for the threats. Snoop responded too, mocking the girl for her weak attempt at riding his coattails.

Woah Vicky
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