Will.i.am Accused of Stiffing Company Over His Wireless Headphones

Will.i.am went into business to produce his own line of high-quality headphones … but allegedly couldn’t come up with the cash after placing a huge order, so now his company is being sued.

FIH Mobile filed suit against the Black Eyed Peas singer’s company, i.am+, alleging they wanted to make wireless headphones.

FIH says Will.i.am’s company developed and placed an order for $3.4 million worth of headphones, but then failed to pay for the lot.  FIH says they decided to take i.am+ to court once it “became clear they did not have sufficient funding.”

They also say i.am+ wanted a payment plan to work off the outstanding debt, which FIH accepted, but then claim payments were not made.

FIH now wants $3.4 million in damages from the bad deal.

We reached out to Will.i.am for comment.