SEND US A TIP!CLICK OR 844.412.5278 Sued for Allegedly Stiffing His Marketing Company, Then Stiffing Them Again

By TheBlast Staff

A marketing company that claims that owes them six figures claims that not only did he fail to pay them but he also didn't pay up once they agreed upon a payment plan.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a company called Crown and Conquer claims they were hired by's company,, in 2017 to provide "certain marketing and influencer services."

Crown and Conquer say they did their job and were owed $158,243.37 but never got paid.

Eventually, they claim, forked over $20,000 and they eventually worked out a settlement deal that was to be paid in four monthly installments.

But, according to Crown and Conquer, and his company "failed to make even the first payment."

The company is suing for the rest of the money they are owed, plus 10% interest.

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