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The Weinstein Company Could Be On the Hook for Harvey's Alleged Misconduct

By TheBlast Staff

Harvey Weinstein is liable civilly and possibly criminally for all the sexual harassment allegations levied against him, but his company that protected him and helped deal with his settlements may be just as responsible.

Sources close to Weinstein tell us TWC was well aware of all the sexual allegations brought on the producer over the years, and even helped him cover his tracks and negotiate settlements with the victims.

We're told Weinstein's team has launched an investigation to prove exactly what the company knew, and are specifically interested in following the paper trail over the years tied to the lucrative settlements.

The Weinstein Company is a corporation, and under the eyes of the law a corporation can be held liable for the criminal acts of its employees as long as the employees are acting within the scope of their authority and their conduct benefits the corporation. This is known as a "corporate personhood."

The NYPD is re-examining sexual assault allegations against Weinstein from 2004 and the company could also be in the crosshairs if he is criminally charged, especially since Weinstein's position remains that his company knew of his past incidents and took no remedial action, so his contract gave him protection from being fired.

Also, if victims start filing lawsuits against Weinstein based upon incidents with the producer, TWC could also be liable for civil damages.

As we previously reported, Weinstein brought on an elite criminal defense team to help deal with the possibility of any criminal charges.

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