The Batman recently hit cinemas, and there have been positive reviews of Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz’s performances.

Kravitz revealed that her filming schedule included cat bonding time.

She said that the cats were challenging to bond with and control.

She explained that when she tried to bond with them, they would ignore her and walk away.

Kravitz shared that she also watched a lot of cat videos to analyze their movements and fighting style.

Kravitz said she came up with the line “I have a thing for strays” in response to Batman’s inquiry about her many cats.

She also revealed that she portrayed Catwoman to be bisexual in the movie.

Director Matt Reeves said they didn’t mean to go that way, but Catwoman’s sexuality is open to interpretation.

Other characters from the Batman comics include The Riddler, Lieutenant James Gordon, and Oz/The Penguin.