Colman Domingo had the chance to talk to Zendaya about her future plans.

The actress revealed she wants to be a director one day.

She said, “The idea of trying to direct in the future excites me. That’s why I’m on set so much.”

She continued, “When I’m not in it, I’m right there trying to learn. I go around and I ask our crew members, 'What are you doing today? Can you explain it to me?' Because we’ve got some real vets in the game.”

Zendaya added, “So, the hope is that I’ll be able to, one day, make the things that I want to see.”

The “Dune” star then told Domingo that she wants to direct a movie about “two Black girls” falling in love.

She explained, “And I don’t want it to be rooted in anything other than just a story about two people falling in love and that’s it. Something simple and beautiful, that leaves you happy and wanting to fall in love yourself.”

She also wants to share the “traumatic side of things” because it’s “really important to talk about.”

Zendaya added, “I would love a coming-of-age story where awkward and funny things happen.”