Disney is popular for producing successful stars throughout their years in operation.

Zendaya’s big Disney break happened when she was 14 years old, with her role as Rocky in the Shake It Up series.

Zendaya’s career peaked in adulthood rather than during her adolescence.

Zendaya became the youngest woman to be awarded an Emmy for best actress in a drama series in 2020.

Zendaya credited fashion as a thing that helped her break out of her Disney self.

She told Marie Claire that she took her time and trusted her gut in developing her career outside Disney.

She explained in an interview with Issa Rae that she built her fashion reputation notwithstanding the negative responses she got for her fashion choices.

She explained that she liked to dress up and show up at random places, even with criticism.

She also gave a representation of ethnicity and diversity on the channel as another reason for leaving.