Zara Rutherford just became the youngest female pilot to circumvent the world, solo.

All of 19, Rutherford’s solo flight across the world took around five months.

Of dual British-Belgian nationality, she became the first Belgian to fly around the world.

She completed a 41-country journey that spanned over 32,300 miles (52,000 kilometers).

Zara has become the first woman to circumvent the world in a microlight aircraft.

She also broke the earlier solo female record, held by 30-year-old American Shaesta Waiz, who circumnavigated the globe in 2017.

The 19-year-old aviator faced many delays due to weather and visa issues.

She was also not allowed to explore many of the countries on land due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Glad to be home, Rutherford hopes her journey would inspire more women to come into aviation.