Zack Snyder was already making plans to release “Justice League” in 2021, however, after a conflict, he stepped down from his production role and handed the mantle to Joss Whedon.

Whedon proceeded to change the entire script to suit his narrative, and after it was released, fans were not pleased with it. Instead, they clamoured online for DC to release Jack Snyder’s version of the movie.

After much deliberation, DC released the Snyder’s cut on March 18, 2021 and it became a box-office success almost immediately.

Millions of fans tuned in to stream and download this incredible film, making it a smashing success in its first week. With over 38% increase in sales

Justice League was the follow up movie after “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” that saw the tragic death of Superman.

In the new DC film, the Justice League; Batman and Wonder Woman teamed up to fight against the villains plaguing the Earth.

However, in order to beat the supernaturals, each member of the League had to face and triumph over his or her worst demons, which they did.

Additionally, the Justice League were able to bring Superman back to life, and together, they took the earth back from the villains that sought to destroy it.

This year, DC has many surprises in store for fans worldwide, as some incredible movies will be featured on the big screens soon. Some of these films include “Black Adam,” “The Batman,” “The Flash,” and many more.