Dr. Rajeev Fernando

World-Renowned Infectious Disease Doc Warns Everyone to Stay Masked Up

“The Delta variant continues to ravage our country at will and Hollywood is no exception."

Dr. Fernando is trying to get the word out about the importance of non-pharmaceutical measures, like mask-wearing, which can help prevent the spread of disease.

“Over the past few weeks, many patients have reached out to me about getting re-infected with COVID 19 infections despite being fully vaccinated,” Dr. Fernando tells The Blast.

He says the data being put out by the CDC is not addressing the fact that many people are getting mild to moderate systems and continuing the spread of the disease.

He wants to see better numbers from the CDC.  “Unless something is done quickly this pandemic can spiral out of control further with the inability to see the true number of infections."

COVID has changed the way business is conducted in the world, especially in Hollywood.

“COVID 19 has transformed the way we watch movies," he said.

— Dr. Fernando

"Unfortunately with the cases going up across the country, I anticipate a hard time for Hollywood at the box office for the next two months at least.”