Gabby Petito’s parents are continuing to search for answers following their daughter’s death.

Gabby’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Brian Laundrie’s parents in early March.

Brian’s parents filed a motion to dismiss the original Petito-Schmidt lawsuit.

The Petito-Schmidt lawsuit was then amended and resubmitted to Judge Hunter W. Caroll in Florida.

On April 13, Florida news station WFLA reported that a jury trial has been ordered AND scheduled.

A trial in front of a jury has been set for the week of August 14, 2023, at the South County Courthouse in Venice, Florida.

Given a jury trial has been ordered, a potential list of witnesses to stand trial have been reported.

The list includes the Laundries, law enforcement and others connected to the case.

The Florida news station reported the initial witness list is routine, procedural and not a definitive list of names that would testify.