Vin Diesel just released the first poster of ‘Fast X.’

It focuses on him, sitting in the dark in a supplicant pose, clutching the silver cross worn by his character, Dominic Toretto.

The tag read: ‘The End of the Road Begins’ and Instagram users cannot get over it.

Most wondered if the franchise would ever end and just turn into something that goes on, forever.

Others felt they needed to get the movies back on track with cars and racing and stop with the “superhero-like plots.”

Plenty of witty Instagram users even came up with names for the continuing series of the franchise.

Diesel also brought back memories of Paul Walker with a video montage of the first movie.

Many felt F&F was not the same without Brian O’Conner, Walker’s character.

With Jason Momoa all set to star as the baddie in “Fast X”, excitement is at an all-time high.