“Chicago Med” is a Medical TV show that is part of the One Chicago trilogy that was created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead

It has several seasons but recently, fans of the show have shared the opinion that it might get canceled due to issues with its production.

NBC has scrapped several dramas and with the path that Chicago Med is treading, fans think it might join the list anytime soon.

They complained about the terrible airing time and the lack of adequate screen time for their favorite characters.

Chicago Med revolves around the medical staff of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Emergency Centre and how they balance their personal lives with their duty to save lives.

Chicago Med has the lowest viewing rates of the shows in the One Chicago trilogy, which is a stark difference from its previous high rates and large fan base.

The producers of the show have also made several plot decisions that have created poor plot lines that confused viewers.

The first few seasons of Chicago Med had very high rankings but eventually failed to meet the standards of prime time TV networks.

If the producers don't make some significant changes that please fans, NBC might eventually be forced to cancel the show