Berlin sacrificed himself in season two of “Money Heist” to save his teammates.

The Professor begged Berlin to leave the tunnel because it would be blown up, but he refused.

Season four revealed that Berlin had a terminal illness with only three years of life expectancy.

The show's writers confessed that they wouldn’t have killed off Berlin if they knew the show was going to last so long.

The character had experienced too much carnage for the writers to bring him back from the dead.

Alex Pina, the series creator, revealed that he didn’t want to kill off Berlin, but he was pressured to because of the character’s fiendish ways.

Pina agreed that Berlin wasn’t a good man but felt like television was boring without such characters.

Fan theories speculate that the Professor might die in the final installment.

Pina said that the final part would focus mainly on the character’s emotional states.