Zendaya's career started as a child model and a backup dancer.

Zendaya named her fans the Z swaggers, and they haven't forgiven her since.

The name came from a post she made in 2011 of her and a cast member, which she captioned "D dogg and Z swag.

Zendaya's fandom does not have an official name.

She has decided to leave the naming in the hands of her fans and asked for any ideas they had.

Zendaya is currently acting as Rue in the ongoing series "Euphoria."

She also played Marie in "Malcolm and Marie," MJ in the Spider-Man trilogy, and Chani in her newest film, "Dune."

Zendaya's movie characters have been known to be very fashionable.

Vogue reports that Zendaya could be the youngest person to get the CFDA fashion award.