Whoopi Goldberg recently reminisced on her historic Oscar win for her role in "Ghost."

In the video clip she played from the comfort of her home, Goldberg donned a black glittering column gown from professional designer Nolan Miller.

The iconic star admitted to getting stoned before she accepted her award.

According to her, it was to help her relax and calm tense nerves.

However, her mom was able to see through the facade.

She could tell that her daughter was influenced by substances because of her glistening eyes and later called to chastise her.

In an interview, the "Color Purple" actress explained how actor Patrick Swayze fought for her to get the role.

On the night of the award, Goldberg became the first black woman to receive an Oscar award.

After the movie's success, it was greatly accepted that it became the year's highest-grossing movie.