Both Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles have the ‘nice guy’ aura about them, but are they real life nice guys or only for the camera?

Styles has a mantra that literally spells out treating people with kindness, and he released a song titled “Treat People With Kindness” to that effect.

However, his ‘nice guy’ look began to fade when fans realised he started dating actress, Olivia Wilde immediately she broke off her engagement with Jason Sudeikis.

Shawn Mendes on the other hand confirmed to fans that he’s a nice guy, but he intends to shed that part of himself in order to establish a sort of boundary with his fans.

Nevertheless, fans are still rooting for him because he owns a foundation that looks out for youths in the society by empowering and uplifting them.

Superstars never do well with comparisons as is it often breeds bad blood between them in the long run.

However, in Mendes and Styles’ case, it seems like no matter how much fans compare and contrast between them, they are still cool with each other.

Mendes was asked during an interview with Vanity Fair, who he thinks is the nicest between him and Styles, and he was handed a photo to compare.

In response, he noted that they had never hung out together, but if he was to judge from the photo, he would say he was ‘a bit’ nicer than Styles.