Season two of “Locke and Key” was recently released, and it revolved around the Locke siblings and their disputes with Dodge.

The season had a lot of focus on the relationships formed by the characters and their individual growth.

Jackie and Tyler quickly gained attention, but their relationship suffered when Jackie was affected by the Riffle Rule.

Tyler's insistence that they continue using magic and Dodge’s mistake in turning her into a demon eventually led to her death and ended their romance.

Nina Locke was more outgoing this season and built a friendship with Josh that eventually led to a relationship.

However, there are too many red flags with Josh that have made fans turn against him and his relationship with her.

One healthy and happy couple is Duncan and Brian, who kicked off the show with an engagement announcement.

Fans loved the LGBTQ+ representation but have expressed that they would like to see more screen time for the two.

Kinsey and Scot were the power couple of the season, they pushed each other to be better, and fans believe they're a perfect fit.