The women on social media like Twitter and Instagram are seemingly at war, with men, and with each other as well.

A certain fraction of the society is now calling for a sex strike and the hashtag #sexstrike is gaining momentum on social media.

In 2019, "Charmed" actress Alyssa Milano set fire to Twitter, asking women to go on a sex strike to protest strict abortion bans passed by Republican-controlled legislatures.

At the time Milano had stated, "We need to understand how dire the situation is across the country.”

This was after Georgia introduced abortion laws and now, things have gotten much worse with 26 states working to wholly or partially ban abortions.

SCOTUS has taken away national access to abortions for women, leaving America divided between the red and blue states.

Some of these states have put in a total ban, meaning even if the impregnation was forced through rape or incest, the victims will have to bear the babies.

In another astounding example of injustice, women in Texas who seek an abortion will now face a life sentence in prison while a rapist would only serve a maximum of 20 years.

More and more women are using the hashtag #sexstrike, telling men that if women do not have a right to their own bodies, neither do the men.