Tristan Thompson might’ve been down, but he’s never one to take himself out of the game.

And by “it” we mean his old philandering ways.

The 30-year-old was spotted hanging out at a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week with a female companion in tow.

TikTok user @triciacaracoza uploaded footage of the athlete ballin’ out at the bar with this mystery woman.

In the videos posted, the woman can be seen sitting on Tristan’s lap and talking close to his face.

Tricia captioned one video, “Saw it with my own two eyes. Zero respect for this trash.”

Tricia goes on to say that he is a “dog” and accused him of messing with “Kim K wannabe girls in Milwaukee.”

Late last year, a woman named Maralee Nichols filed a lawsuit against Tristan claiming that he was the father of their unborn child.

Paternity tests prove Tristan is in fact the father.