Khloé Kardashian has allegedly banned Tristan Thompson from her multi-million mansion after his infidelity stint.

According to a credible source, she felt crushed after discovering that the athlete impregnated Maree Nichols.

The insider also added that Khloé and her ex planned to move in together before the cheating scandal.

The same source also told ET that Khloé focused on bettering herself following her split from Thompson.

In 2019, the athlete cheated on Khloé with her best friend, Jordyn Woods.

A year before that, he was spotted in nightclub footage making out with IG model Lani Blair.

He also reportedly admitted to having an affair with Nichols between December 2020 and ending around his 30th birthday.

Although he insisted that they only slept together twice, Nichols’ lawyers claimed the affair started five months before his birthday and continued after her pregnancy.

An insider explained that although Khloé had publicly kept up a strong front, she was highly crushed and sad about the incident.