It appears Tristan Thompson is back to work and social media.

Weeks after the unexpected passing of his mother, Andrea Thompson, the NBA star made an appearance on ESPN.

This is the first time since her January 5th death that TT has been publicly active on TV and social media.

Instagram account @nbaonespn shared a video of Thompson giving his bets on who will be crowned the 2023 NBA MVP.

“Tristan Thompson stopped by NBA Today and gave us his pick for MVP 👀,” the caption read.

Thompson proceeded to say, “Everyone’s talking about Jokiv. I’m gonna go Jayson Tatum. Two-time MVP Jokic, time to switch it up.”

The NBA player has yet to speak out about his mother and her passing.

Khloe Kardashian penned a very sweet, heartfelt and gut wrenching tribute to Andrea.

Khloe promised Andrea her boys will be taken care of and looked after, especially her son Amari.