Travis Barker is shutting down haters of PDA in the most PUBLIC way.

Over the weekend, Travis posted photos of himself getting it in at the gym.

He was working with battle ropes and doing push-ups on a bosu ball.

While many of his followers and fans were applauding the lean, mean drummer machine, others were wondering where Kourtney was.

One person by the username @tommywalnutz wrote, “No Kardashian finger up the a**, tongue, intestines, nudity, pda, etc etc anymore? Slacking.”

Travis responded, “Still got the finger up the a**, and my intestines, were totally nude and full pda with my fiancée.”

@Tommywalnutz’s comment got 69 likes compared to Travis’ 700+ likes for his response.

One fan responded, “Travis is a f**king savage.”

“Lol take your L tommy,” one pro-Kravis fan replied.