Late musical, John Prine’s son, Tommy Prine went through a painful ordeal, courtesy of an American airline, and he wants everyone to know about it.

During an interview in his hometown, Nashville, Prine disclosed that he was told by an airline staff to check his father’s guitar along with other luggages.

Although he tried to dispute the idea, stating that the guitar could be damaged, the staff would not have it and insisted that he checks the item

On getting home, Prine said he checked the guitar to make sure that nothing went wrong, and was shocked at his findings.

He explained on Twitter that the guitar had a crack that was noticeable in the bottom half. He tried to contact the airline, but they did not take responsibility for their actions.

Prine explained his experience on Twitter, and noted that he was sure that the same had happened to other people in the past, and this was his little way of bringing awareness to the topic.

Tommy Prine follows in his late father’s footsteps as a guitarist and singer. He started playing the guitar when he was ten years old, and became a professional in no time.

The late John Prine was one of the most iconic musicians and songwriters that ever lived. He pushed for more classical and modern American sounds during his lifetimes and that was the rock on which his legacy was built.

The 73-year-old died from Covid-19 complications on April 7, 2020.