After interminable delays, ‘Uncharted’, the movie has finally hit the cinemas with a worldwide release on February 18th.

The movie was announced in 2008 by producer Avi Arad but went through multiple changes in the script and the cast and crew, before commencing production.

The pandemic caused various production delays as well, but the movie has finally hit the theatres and running to a warm response.

Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg, originally cast as Drake now plays mentor Victor Sullivan.

The other cast included Sophia Ali, Antonio Banderas, and Tati Gabrielle.

The movie is smooth, full of action-packed stunts including Holland continuing to do impressive parkour.

Mark Wahlberg plays his role of a thief slightly past his prime well, and the chemistry between the two protagonists is fun to watch.

While the acting, the sets, and the stunts are commendable, some find the movie to be a little flat, missing the zest of the PlayStation games.

Overall, it’s mindless fun, and the moviemakers have left a little something after the credits, to develop into a franchise if this runs to commercial success.