Tom Cruise

The star is furious over the security bungle.

Victim Of Hi-Tech Hijack During Mission: Impossible Filming

Tom is currently in the UK filming the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. During production, he has been traveling around in a BMW X7 luxury sedan.

According to police, tech-savvy thieves used a scanner to capture and clone the signal from the keyless BMW’s ignition fob and gain access to the vehicle.

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Luckily, Cruise’s BMW was equipped with an electronic tracking device, so his security team was able to track down and recover the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the car was completely cleaned out, including the movie star’s luggage. The thieves reportedly got away with thousands of dollars in stolen belongings.

Tom has been seen out on the town with rumored GF Hayley Atwell in between scenes.

After getting his luggage stolen … it sounds like it’s time for a shopping spree!