Landed a Helicopter On Some Family’s Lawn

Tom Cruise

A family graciously let him because the airport was closed.

One British family got the surprise of a lifetime when the "Mission Impossible" star touched down in the middle of their countryside field.

A group of staff members from a nearby production knocked on Alison Webb's door and asked if they could use their field for a helicopter landing.

The staff turned out to be working on the new "Mission Impossible" movie, and the helicopter turned out to be carrying none other than Tom Cruise himself!

"I thought it would be kind of cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden,” Webb told the BBC. “He [Cruise] basically arrived and got out and it was like ‘Wow.'”

The family got the full appreciative Cruise experience because the actor immediately headed in their direction to meet them after he touched down.

“He went straight over to the children for a chat, then came over and elbow bumped us and said thank you very much, then he said if the kids would like they could go up in the helicopter,” Webb said.