George Clooney and Julia Roberts opened up about why they were never romantically involved.

They first met while working on the first “Ocean’s Eleven” in 2001 and have remained friends ever since.

Per Access Hollywood, the pair shared that they never thought about dating as they were always involved with other people.

Roberts has been married for 20 years, while Clooney has been married for seven.

Roberts admires Clooney’s gentle nature and fortitude, while Clooney admires her humor and kindness.

They star in the rom-com “Ticket to Paradise” as a divorced couple going to their daughter’s wedding.

It was hard for them to build a romantic chemistry and share a kiss on the set of the film.

Roberts decided to get back into the film industry only if Clooney would work with her on the film.

Clooney and Roberts plan to star in more films together, and the actress said he “can’t live without” her on screen.