The official trailer of Marvel's next, continuing the Thor franchise just dropped, to the tune of Guns & Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine".

Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Russell Crowe star in "Thor: Love & Thunder"

The trailer is sweet and funny enough to mend all broken hearts after they killed off [SPOILER ALERT] Iron Man and Black Widow, and left Spiderman namelessly adrift.

The trailer also introduces you to the Gorr, the God butcher, a very Voldemort-like Christian Bale, aka the king of movie transformations.

The trailer starts like a fairytale narration, about a hero who "after saving Earth for the 500th time, set off on a new journey."

They show Thor getting into shape, in true Thor style, as he continues his journey as the lone wolf, the only God of his kind.

Back into battle, Thor finally spots his beloved hammer, Mjolnir again, and reaches out for it, only for it to fly out of his reach, into the waiting hands of the new Thor, aka Jane.

Considering the last Marvel franchises ended up with violent stops for the heroes and heroines, fans are very worried for Thor, begging him, “please don’t die in the movie.”

Given Christian Bale as Gorr, the God Butcher, rasping "All Gods will die”, we are worried for Thor too. Also, no Loki?