The producers of "This Is Us" are preparing to entertain the viewers with the next and final season of the series.

Cassidy joined the cast members in season four of the series which aired in 2019.

The pair shared similar parts and were recovering from addiction.

Kevin and Madison's wedding didn't go well which left Kevin as a single parent to a set of twins.

Viewers are rooting for Kevin and Cassidy to come back and remain together.

A fan believed that jumping from remorse into marriage for Kevin and Cassidy is almost impossible.

Another fan is rooting for Kevin and Cassidy but sees Madison as the girl to likely end up with Nicky's cousin.

Nicky's wedding to Edie is set to show in season six and the viewers are not sure if Cassidy would appear in the season.

This final season is to provide answers to the puzzling storylines that have bothered viewers over the years.