David Bowie and Elvis Presley had similar visual aesthetics that they chose to use to represent their brand.

Presley's loud fashion choice stemmed from the movie stars he admired.

On the other hand, David Bowie stepped into the music scene when wearing make-up and other tight-fitting costumes were the norm.

Bowie and Presley met for the first time when Bowie traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to witness Presley's performance in New York despite his fear of flying.

In Bowie's later years, he had an opportunity to collaborate with his role model.

However, he turned it down because he couldn't imagine sounding like the iconic singer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he added that he preferred Presley to John Denver.

Presley and Bowie were born on the same day but in different years.

When he discovered that he was born on the same day as Presley, he was mesmerized and couldn't believe it.