MGK & Conor McGregor

The Reason Behind Machine Gun Kelly & Conor McGregor’s Fight At The 2021 MTV VMAs

The red carpet of Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards was already going to get attention, but they weren't expecting MGK and Conor to cause a scene.

The 33-year-old MMA fighter allegedly got ticked off at the 31-year-old rapper because of a denied photo request with Megan Fox.

Conor reportedly wanted to snap a quick pic with the actress, and Machine Gun Kelly did not want his girlfriend to pose with him.

McGregor is clearly the type of millionaire who doesn't mind causing a scene if he's in the mood... and his mood was allegedly red hot!

Videos of the scene reveal that Conor seemingly tried to strike the singer and throw a drink at him. Megan was quickly ushered away by security, who stepped in to sepperate the stars.

Megan's dress was headline-worthy all by itself, and the photographers were reportedly mad at Conor for jeopardizing their opportunity to snap pics of her see-through gown.

“They scuffled then it settled down and Conor went for him again,” a source told PageSix. “[The photogs] were going to boycott Conor because they were worried MGK and Megan wouldn’t walk.”

Another source told the outlet that "security was having trouble holding [Conor] back." Check out pictures and videos at