Ezra Miller is set to plead guilty in their ongoing felony burglary case as stated in a plea deal they made with prosecutors.

The actor is pleading guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful trespassing after previously pleading not guilty.

Court documents show that Miller’s plea deal comes with a suspended sentence, a year's probation, and a fine.

They were previously facing over 20 years of jail time for the felony burglary charge and is yet to comment on the plea deal.

After the initial not-guilty plea, Miller released a statement via their lawyer thanking family and friends for the love and support.

A Rolling Stone exposè on Miller revealed they were harboring a mother and her three kids on a farm with drugs and guns.

They were also allegedly running a cannabis farm on the property and using the drugs freely in front of the kids.~

After Warner Bros revealed they had considered scrapping “The Flash,” Miller released an apology statement.

The statement read that the actor had begun receiving treatment for their "complex mental health issues."