YOWZA, things between Edgar De Santiago and Gillian Lieberman are not looking so hot.

There are A LOT of red flags coming to light on “Temptation Island.”

On Wednesday, episode two of season four aired and viewers saw all sorts of wild and crazy things go down.

The couple came to “Temptation Island” at Gillian’s behest.

The episode opens up with Gillian sobbing and saying, “I’m very afraid to lose Edgar. I miss him so much already.”

Gillian revealed she may stop wearing her promise ring that Edgar gave to her after he cheated.

Edgar sees Gillian say this at the bonfire and reveals dirty little secret.

Prior to the island, Gillian was texting her ex-boyfriend “explicit” messages for months.

Up until now, Gillian has not admitted to cheating on Edgar, and has played the “angel” in the relationship.