“Temptation Island” continues to deliver twists and turns at every party, day date and bonfire.

This week’s episode was no exception, and viewers were literally left on a cliff hanger.

Edgar De Santiago and Marissa Rodriguez have formed a close bond.

So close in fact that they had sex on last week’s episode.

Gillian has kept it PG-13 with Tommy Soltis.

Tommy has expressed that he doesn’t want to go any further with Gillian given she was just in a 3-year relationship.

During the bonfire, Gillian got to see how X-Rated Edgar got with Marissa.

OH MY GOD, HOLY S***T, WHOA. WHOA, I literally, holy s**t, what the f**k. I can’t even. Oh MY GOD,” Gillian said upon seeing their intense hookup.

“I’m like literally shaking. That is crazy. That is crazy. Oh my god, I can’t breathe.”