“Temptation Island” is getting all sorts of messy and fans are LOVING IT!

On Wednesday’s episode, two former contestants from past seasons of ‘TI’ return to f**k s**t up!

Samantha Hoffman, who was infamous for having shower sex, returns to the island as well and is a newbie to the single ladies group.

Deac Conti, made a triumphant return to the island as well.

Deac and Samantha were both from season two of the show.

Upon his return to the island, Gillian Lieberman was so caught off guard it stopped her in her twerking tracks.

Following this week’s episode, Gillian took to Instagram Stories to answer questions from fans.

One curious fan asked her, “Why don’t you and Iris [Jardiel] get together.”

Shockingly, Gillian replied, “Please, you are spoiling the ending!”