Ash came to “Temptation Island” with her boyfriend Hania Stocker due to his incessant desire to have an open relationship.

As the weeks have passed, Hania’s tune about open relationships has changed.

Ash has gotten cozy and busy with another guy in the bedroom.

Ash formed a fast and intense relationship with Taylor Patrick on the island.

The Blast obtained an exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode.

“Today we are cleansing everything that’s made us feel trapped and we’re here to release all of that,” Ash tells the camera.

“For me, I’m cleansing all of the negative programming I’ve been given by this person I chose to be in a relationship with,” she said of Hania.

Ash added, “I’m letting go of all of it, because I’m not too much, he’s just too little!”

Ash’s new love interested dotes on her growth since arriving to the island.