Tarek El Moussa

The ‘Flipping 101' Star Has Been Diagnosed With Autoimmune Disease He found out in front of the reality show cameras.

The reality star has been diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder celiac disease following his battle with cancer.

Tarek addressed the situation on ‘Flipping 101,’ allowing cameras to capture his meeting with an internal medicine doctor and the moment where he receives the bad news.

His fiancee, Heather Rae Young, was by his side when the doctor broke the news to him, and she expressed why it was so important for Tarek to get diagnosed.

"Celiac disease was something Tarek had never even heard of (classic him) and it’s something that a lot of you might not know about," she wrote on IG.

"We knew something was making him extra inflamed and I was extra worried because as a lot of you might know, Tarek has had two types of cancers in the past."

"Obviously I want him to live forever and be as healthy as possible so we started running a bunch of blood tests on him and finally our amazing doctor was able to diagnose him," she wrote.

Tarek seemed reluctant to give up gluten at first, but Heather updated the fans by saying they are eating a lot of "gluten-free plant-based meals," and he loves it.