The actress used the BET Awards platform to air her grievances against the Supreme Court for reversing Roe v. Wade.

The 51-year-old said the ruling gave guns more rights than women in the United States.

She encouraged her fellow celebrities to step up and do what they needed to because they were in positions of power.

Henson’s slam comes just days after she revealed that she was ready to leave America for saner climes.

The Howard University alum expressed that she was tired of fighting for basic rights in her current country of residence.

She added that her desire to escape might have something to do with her age and accomplishment.

Just like the actress, Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton were heartbroken at the loss of women’s rights to get abortions.

The women said the Roe v. Wade overturn was a step back from the progress they had made over the years.

Some states have already begun implementing the Supreme Court’s ruling within their clinics.