Tana Mongeau is fearing for her life. The usually easy going, blunt smoking YouTuber turned OnlyFans creator is very worried about her safety.

Tana who rose to fame on the video platform, recently stopped by Bradley Martyn’s “Raw Talk” podcast.

She opened up about her OnlyFans stalker and the insane lengths he’s going to get to her.

“Right now, I have a full-blown stalker from OnlyFans,” she told Martyn.

“Like, a guy who found our house, started sending videos of him with knives outside of our house.”

Not only that, Tana said she’s getting the “scariest” d**k pics sent to her from him.

“He was sending me videos of his d**k, scariest d**k I’ve ever seen in my life,” she admitted.

“I shouldn’t say that because he’s going to chop me up,” Tana said regretfully.

Tana has hired a full-time security team for protection.