Sylvester Stallone, or Sly Stallone as he's known to his fans, is not the kind of man to let a slight slide.

So when the producers of the "Rocky" series of movies, and also of the "Creed" franchise, seemed to plan a "Drago" spinoff with Dolph Lundgren, Stallone was not a happy man.

In fact, he near turned "Rambo" on Instagram, hitting the producers where it hurts!

Most fans know of how down and out Sylvester Stallone was as he wrote "Rocky", down to his last few dollars with rent to pay, and a pregnant wife.

Stallone even had to sell his dog, before the script was accepted and went on to become not just a movie, but a very successful franchise.

At the time, Stallone had to sell the rights of the character and the story to the producer, Irwin Winkler, who has now passed on the rights to his sons, Charles and David.

‘Rocky’ not only went on to become a five-movie successful franchise but also spawned the three-movie spinoff, ‘Creed’.

Stallone lashed out at the Winklers as well as Dolph Lundgren, calling them bloodsuckers who were killing the ‘Rocky’ franchise.

Later, Sly deleted the posts and Dolph Lundgren also posted an explanation on IG, saying nothing would be done without Stallone’s blessings.