Sydney Sweeney has teamed up with Frankies Bikinis for a new swimsuit line.

They dubbed the new collection the “Sexiest Ever.”

Sweeney caught the eye of Frankies founder, Francesca Aiello, thanks to her iconic pink bikini scene in HBO’s “Euphoria.”

The collection features pieces that embody Sweeney’s head-turning aura.

Some of the bikini pieces will even feature personal touches from the actress, including a real kiss print.

Sweeney and Aiella chose Rome for the promo shoot location because they want the swimwear to inspire romance.

Sweeney said it’s very important to her that people embrace their sexiness.

Aside from the upcoming line, the actress has been busy with upcoming film projects, like “Immaculate” and “Madame Web.”

She’s also been announced as the lead for Universal Pictures’ “The Caretaker” and the reboot of Sony’s “Barbarella.”