“Survivor” fans… Christmas has come a few days early.

The legendary reality TV competition series is offering up some artifacts of TV history.

The Blast got an exclusive look at the prop pieces up for sale from season one of “Survivor: Boreno.”

Never in the history of “Survivor” auctions have pieces from season one been available for purchase… until now.

There are three prop pieces are up for sale.

The “Voting Urn and Votes” are going for $325,000.00, while the “Immunity Necklace” is up for $175k.

The “Tagi Flag” is also for sale for $75k.

“This piece is so iconic that the Smithsonian Institute has made inquiry as to its availability to be put on display,” survivorsale.com reports.

The asking price for all three pieces of memorabilia is $500k.